Sunday, July 17, 2011

Slightly Barbaric's first sail!

My dot needs to change colors!

Just under a year after construction began, Slightly Barbaric goes for its first sail! On friday, I dragged my roommates and girlfriend out on the water with winds blowing in the upper teens and gusting to the mid twenties. After getting everything rigged at the dock we seeked shelter from the wind behind an island and raised the jib. Spent a few mintues getting everything under control and settled in and then we raised the main. There was plenty of power reaching back and forth and quickly learned that the boat is very tender. It sure was a blast!

There is still some work that needs to be done (recutting the main and possibly the jib, figuring out better leads, adjusting the tiller, and attaching the keel to the boat more firmly) but it feels great to get out on the water! The boat feels more like a dingy than a keel boat and was very quick as expected. I can't wait to get everything figured out and get the boat tuned up. More pictures to follow!

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  1. Awesome ! Congratulations on your splash and really good to hear you had a blast !